People tell me all the time they are confused when it comes to lighting…they don’t know what type or what size to buy. The first most asked question is…What does PAR, R, BR, MR, or A mean? I will simplify it for you! 

PAR stands for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector. R stands for Reflector. BR stands for Bulged Reflector. MR stands for Mini Round. A stands for A-shaped which is a typical or classic light bulb.

The next most common question is…What does the number after PAR, R, BR, MR, or A mean?

The number after the abbreviation is indicative of the diameter of the lamp in terms of 1/8ths of an inch. For example, a PAR38 bulb is (1/8 x 38)” or 4 ¾” across.  A PAR30 is (1/8 x 30)” or 3 3/4”. A PAR20 is (1/8 x 20)” or 2 ½” across. A PAR16 is (1/8 x 16)” or 2” across. MR16 is (1/8 x 16)” or 2” across. An A19 is (1/8 x 19) or 2 38” wide at its widest point.

Another thing you might notice is that PAR bulb or lamp (pear shaped) are sometimes referred to as flood or spot lamp (lamp meaning bulb).  A flood or spot lamp  is referring to the type of beam. So if you are looking for bulb or lamp for a typical recessed fixture that disperses light throughout the room you would want to select an R30 or a BR30.

These are the five things to consider when selecting your lighting.

  1. Type of fixture
  2. Bulb size or style
  3. Base size or type
  4. Color or kelvin
  5. Lumen or light output that you desire.

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