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6″x8″ Adjustable Curved/Flat Hand Hole Cover -Std. Install -GREY

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Product Description

6″ X 8″ Adjustable Curved/Flat Hand Hole Cover (GREY) with standard installation assembly. Standard installation assembly requires a phillips screw driver. This cover is adjustable to fit either flat or curved hand hole openings. You can adjust the cover to custom fit the variety of curvatures found on different diameter posts. Composed of powder coated aluminum, zinc coated galvanized steel and a layer of weather and fire proof rubber foam material. The cover is light weight, durable, weather resistant and forms a watertight seal with the hand hole opening, preventing water infiltration into the post. This cover is ideal for any flat or curved hand hole opening less than 6″ x 8″.

A metal insert and two bolts are included with the cover for installation.


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