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Magnitude’s M96L24-AR is the most compact LED driver on the market with a magnetic transformer core. It is equipped with auto-reset breakers, one on the input and one on the output, which protect both the load and driver. The driver is encased in a coated metal box that includes 2 knock-outs, one on each side, to enable easy installation that complies with electrical code requirements.

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Product Description

Feature List:


  • Two auto-reset circuit breaker
  • Dimmable with a magnetic low-voltage dimmera
  • ETL listed
  • CSA listed
  • UL 8750


Dimensions in inches:

Length: 6.55 inches

Width: 2.55 inches
Depth: 2.25 inches

Specification List:

Max Load 96W
Input Voltage 120V 60Hz
Input Current Full Load 540mA
Output Voltage Full Load 23V
Max Output Current Full Load 4.3A
Open Circuit Output Voltage 25V
Efficiency 91.2%
Power Factor
Coil Former 2 x Section Bobbin
Thermal Class B130°C
Leads Primary PVC 600V #20
Leads Secondary PVC 300V#14
Height 6.55″
Width 2.55″
Depth 2.25″
Weight 50 Oz.


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