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PL-PD Sensor

4 Wire, External Power w/ Fixed Output Range


Product Description

The PD Sensor is a four wire, analog photosensor which provides a light level input into PLCBuildings S-Series, LC3X lighting controls and other building automation systems. The PD has six models which are used in different ocations in and around buildings in addition to specialty applications. Indoor sensors are used in offi ces and classrooms. Two types of sensors detect light for outdoor control; low range sign and site lighting and high range sensors for contrast lighting. Atrium sensors measure light in lobbies. Skylight sensors read the ambient light available in warehouse skylights. Other sensors include a high range outdoor sensor for tunnel daytime lighting control. Each sensor has a different range and focus of the light being measured.

Sensor Maximum Range
PD1 0 – 750
PD5 0 – 750
PD5D 0 – 2,500
PD9 0 – 2,500
PD9D 0 – 10,000


Sensor Fc / Volt DC Fc at 9 Volts DC
PD1 308.6 2778
PD5 429.2 3863
PD9 792.4 7132
PD9D 2301.5 20713


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