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Swarm Energy Management

Communication and Coordination of Loads using Swarm Energy Management

REGEN Energy’s patented load management methodology implements swarm logic, a brilliant strategy found in nature, whereby colonies of organisms frequently sample their environment and make independent and autonomous decisions that benefit both each organism and the swarm.

Product Description

Robust, Flexible, Easy-to-Use, Swarm Energy Management™

REGEN Energy™’s wireless automated demand management and demand response controllers can be easily installed onto any electrical heating, cooling or discretionary electrical load. Once installed, the REGEN controllers work together like a swarm of bees, intelligently communicating and managing the duty cycles of the loads being controlled. Utilizing REGEN’s patented swarm-based intelligence, the controllers dramatically reduce peak electrical demand by up to 30% in commercial and light industrial properties and allow for effective scheduling of overnight and weekend loads.

REGEN’s Swarm Energy Management™ controllers are as easy to install as thermostats, and require no special training. Every REGEN controller has a built-in self-configuring radio. The controllers establish a wireless network amongst themselves, eliminating the need for expensive wiring. The secure web portal allows property managers to easily access multiple sites from any internet connection to monitor building performance and reconfigure controllers for Demand Response or the scheduling of loads.

The REGEN Swarm Energy Management platform can easily complement an existing building automation system or be installed as a much more cost-effective alternative to a building automation system.

Why Should You Implement Swarm Energy Management?

  • Simple, affordable, wireless electrical demand management
  • Automated Demand Response, including OpenADR
  • Energy consumption reduction through efficient schedule-based control
  • Intelligent, adaptive energy management
  • Web-based interface
  • Typical demand & consumption reductions of 15% – 30%
  • Cut energy costs, not comfort

The Art of Load Balancing

Swarm Energy Management employs swarm logic to allow equipment in buildings to communicate and coordinate to minimize the number and size of loads unnecessarily running concurrently, thereby reducing peak demand. This strategy can be used as an excellent, fine-grained load control strategy for Demand Response. It provides more effective management of occupant comfort during DR events than conventional load limiting or setback strategies.