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The new American size 2 LED Retrofit door frame allows for an easy conversion of any existing Visionaire American 2 HID luminaire, to LED technology for maximum energy savings. The LEDs performance and life are maximized by the unique integral aluminum heat sink built into the door frame. Maintenance of the drivers is simplified by making them easily accessible and provided with quick wiring connections.

Product Description

72 and 144 LEDs are available in 350 or 530 mA rating providing up to 24,000 lumens. Six optical distribution patterns are available and feature a unique Type T-4A automotive pattern for the front row of auto dealerships. Choose between 4000 or 5500 Kelvin temperature of the LEDs.

The complete American LED fixture is also readily available for new construction opportunities where the traditional fixture look is required.

The American LED series is an exceptional choice for shopping centers, commercial parking lots, auto dealerships and general parking area lighting.

A durable Polyester powder coat finish is guaranteed for five years and is available in standard or custom colors.


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