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The new Bow LED luminaire from Visionaire simplifies the task of selecting the best solution for LED parking garage lighting.

Product Description

– Two key components, the driver housing and the linear LED arrays are used to complete the BOW.

– Separating the driver housing and the linear LED arrays optimizes the operational life of the LEDs and the Driver(s).

– Bow LED fixtures can be mounted without opening the driver housing.

– Why is the BOW linear in shape? The linear separation of the LEDs in the BOW minimizes the heat transfer between individual LEDs that is prevalent in a clustered LED fixture design. Clustering too many LEDs in a small enclosure creates heat.

– Pre-cast concrete parking structures have linear coffers. The BOW LED compliments this linear structure creating an integrated lighting effect and high performance output.

– With two LED arrays in each fixture, the perceived light coverage is maximized for the parking structure pedestrian and driver.

– Eight different lumen packages combined with optics perfected for parking garage applications make the BOW LED an efficiency machine.

– Minimizing the part count as mentioned above keeps the initial fixture costs efficiently low.

– Foot-candle levels are uniform at 30 foot x30 foot spacing and greater in many cases.

– Cast aluminum construction with an IP65 rating ensures years of maintenance free illumination.

– Lighting control options enhance the energy savings already in place with the BOW LED luminaire.


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