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The Endurascape series of concrete bollards are designed to enhance and blend with architectural and natural landscapes. Beautifully crafted, the Endurascape is offered in a variety of shapes, cast grill louver designs and textured finishes. The Endurascape is ideal for walkways, entrances, promenades, plazas, courtyards, driveways, bridges and landscaped areas.

Product Description

-Clear, high-impact-resistant acrylic lens with silicone gasketing for a weather-tight seal
-Steel-reinforced pre-cast hollow core concrete in round or square shapes
-4 top styles and 3 textured finishes
-Type V and Type III distribution patterns available
-100,000 to 150,000 hour LED lamp life
-26 to 84 watts in Compact Fluorescent
-HID – 50 to 150 watts offered in High Pressure Sodium or Pulse Start Metal Halide


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