SCE offers a solution directory as a reference guide that lists eligible LED lighting equipment (solutions) and qualification criteria for incentives available to customers through SCE’s 2013–2014 Express Solutions and Customized Solutions programs and 2012-2014 Automated Demand Response Technology Incentive programs.

Check out their “What’s New” section of SCE’s Energy Management Online Application Tool home page ( for the most up-to-date solutions and qualification criteria.


SCE solutions provide energy and money saving opportunities through financial incentives, bill credits, and lower electricity bills that higher-efficiency equipment may bring.

Through the Express Solutions and Customized Solutions programs, SCE customers receive financial incentives for replacing old equipment or upgrading to high-efficiency equipment. With energy-efficient equipment, customers also benefit from permanent load reduction energy savings, which could translate into lower electricity bills.

The benefits don’t end there. For 2013-2014, SCE is offering a Comprehensive Project Bonus of up to 20 percent of your project application’s total approved Express Solution and Customized Solution incentives.

 Working Together for Energy Savings

SCE is working together with businesses so they get the most out of every energy management projects. Each SCE’s energy advisor expert help to collaborate with you to develop comprehensive, cost-effective projects that meet your energy management needs.

How to Apply

Apply for incentives using SCE’s Energy Management Online Application Tool ( It provides a streamlined, step-by-step process that collects project information and documentation, calculates energy savings and incentives, and electronically submits your application for SCE review and approval. Throughout the application process, built-in validations will alert you if any issues, such as missing or invalid information, arise.

Give BDT Energy Group a call at (951) 530-3360.  We will help you determine the lighting you need and then we will help you with the paperwork for the rebate submittal.